April 22, 2015

Nobody shows to discuss taxes

By Suzanne Werre

There were two rows of chairs set up for local residents to sit in at Monday’s city commission meeting just in case anyone had questions or wanted to dispute their property assessments with county assessor Ryan Oberg as he met with county commissioners for the tax equalization meeting.

No residents came to fill those seats, but Oberg updated commissioners, noting that there is a seven percent increase to all residential property and a "very light" seven percent increase on commercial properties. Additional increases were also made on new construction.

Oberg noted he has received several calls from Underwood residents, as he has from residents of other cities, and he has been able to address a lot of people’s concerns before the city meetings.

While there were few questions about the uptick in overall property values, commissioners asked Oberg if they should be doing anything about properties that are having improvements made that aren’t getting building permits.

"What I can see when I drive around," is the only way he can make any adjustments to improvements, noted Oberg, when asked by commissioner Jay Snyder if assessments are made on properties that have had improvements.

"There are a lot of people who have upgraded their pole buildings with concrete and electricity, and all this stuff, and they’re not being assessed the proper value," said Snyder.

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