June 29, 2016

NoDak Marine moves to 83 loop

By Suzanne Werre

Daryl Tetzloff may not exactly have a career in interior design awaiting him any time soon, but he decorated his NoDak Marine business just the way he wanted to – it looks just like a boat shop.

With rope brought in from the Ohio River and other items that washed on shore on the Ohio, Daryl Tetzloff decorated the new digs of the NoDak Marine boat repair shop with remnants befitting someone whose career is about getting people back out on the water.

Two years ago Tetzloff and his son Dylan opened up NoDak Marine, running the business out of Daryl’s niece Stacey Salhus’ garage in Underwood.

Since this past October, the Tetzloffs have been working day and night revamping the former Grimsley’s Gas Station along the old Highway 83 loop coming into Underwood, into their new NoDak Marine shop.

"Dwaine (Grimsley) helped us a lot," said Daryl. He helped take out the pumps that used to be in front of the garage, and helped with making a lot of the updates to the garage.



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