February 17, 2011

North Dakota students lead the way in science and math

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A recent release from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that last year’s eighth-grade students were the top in the nation in science. In fact, the same class was just one spot from the top in the math assessment as well. Surprised? While the students seem to have the right answers, answering why they are above the rest of the nation isn’t that clear. Because science relies so heavily on math it’s not that hard to find a science teacher who happens to be a math teacher, too. Here are two area science/math teachers’ reasoning for the top rated students. Roger Britton, Underwood High School. Roger Britton is a big fan of science and math so it’s only natural he wants his students to enjoy it as well. On Thursday, he performed several acts of science and math including demonstrating how a bed of nails can be quite comfy, how to make a robot perform a basic task of lifting a wood block and setting it onto a programmed position and even making gummi bears dance.

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