December 28, 2016

Not all is new in new addition

By Suzanne Werre
It took just a few days, some help from volunteer students who helped put furniture together, and the administration at the Underwood School was pretty settled into their new digs on the east side of the school.
While the addition, with its wide-open feel and look, can look pretty impressive, the new offices are still pretty modest.
Supt. Brandt Dick, while proudly showing a picture he took on his phone of several students just hanging out in the commons area during their lunch break, sat behind the same modest put-together-yourself desk he had before the move.
There are some new file cabinets in the new office to go with the new walls and carpet, but other than that, other than the location, there isn’t a whole lot of difference.
The money was definitely spent on the addition and new security, not on giving the administration lovely new offices.
From her office at the front of the administration section, secretary Heather Weisenberger is able to keep an eye on all areas of the school using the security system cameras and a monitor at her desk.



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