July 1, 2010

Now that’s refreshing

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If it’s above 65 degrees, there’s a line of kids waiting to make a splash in the 78 degree waters of the Underwood Swimming Pool. The heat of the summer has finally settled in and area water lovers couldn’t be happier to spend some time in the pool. This year, 11 lifeguards are working at the pool with at least three on duty at all times. Four of the youth are WSI certified. Lifeguards this year include: Dylan Ruff, Chlorisa Hirschkorn, Taylor Dammann, Natalie Eslinger, Sam Cottingham, Caitlyn Berg, Devon Auck, Rachel Neff, Alix Auck, Nicholas Lee and Teona Berg, the water aerobics instructor. That’s a few more than usual but they all take turns on the job. That’s important with the amount of sun they all get.




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