January 2, 2013

Old courthouse gets probed – again

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Dennis Kost hopes to raise the level of optimism for those that would like to see the McLean County Courthouse remain standing. He recently entered the old building with structural and environmental professionals as they performed more assessments on the quality of the building, The McLean County Historic Preservation Foundation chairman Kost said that the group was working on receiving a grant to assist in assessing the building for over a year. They were pleasantly surprised when they were awarded a $5,000 grant from the National Trust’s Daniel K. Thorne Intervention Fund. “It shows that our project is worthy,” Kost said. “We felt all along that we have a good project and we have  a good opportunity to make something usable.” Using the grant, the preservation group hired a structural engineering consultant,  structural architect consultant and an environmental consultant to inspect the building and offer their findings.



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