April 15, 2010

Old cuckoo clocks bring back old times

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Calling Joe and JoAnn Fleischman a little cuckoo isn’t too far off the mark. "We’re just crazy about clocks," Joe said looking around as his clocks tick and tock in every corner of every room in their Underwood home. The two clock lovers have a collection of nearly 40 different cuckoos, quartz and grandfather clocks that would put most antique shops to shame. What you won’t find are digital clocks. These two don’t rely on satellites for their time. In fact, they know that at any given hour, at least one of the clocks will be on time. It’s like, well, clockwork. They have so many different clocks, each with its own story, that they have names for them. There’s the Philadelphia clock, the Rudy clock and the 70s clock to name a few. "Doesn’t that just look like it came straight from the 70s?" Joe asked of the 70s clock. JoAnn’s favorite is a very complex cuckoo clock. Its most interesting feature is a little man that swings an axe at a block of wood when the cuckoo sings on the hour.

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