May 17, 2017

Ordinances key to cleanup to-do list

By Suzanne Werre
If you’re wondering if your name is on “the list,” you’ll know soon.
Anyone who may be wondering if their name is on the list of those who need to do some cleanup on their property will know soon, as letters will be going out to the property owners who were found to have some areas of their property that needs to be cleaned up.
“It’s all based on ordinances,” said City Commission President Leon Weisenburger in answer to resident Justin Litynski’s Monday night request for a little more information about what the commissioners were looking for when they took their recent bus trip around town to look for homes/properties that need to have a little more TLC done.
At Monday’s regular commission meeting in Underwood Litynski noted that some people might have some things they’re keeping in their yards that they consider “projects,” things they’ll get to working on pretty soon, but haven’t had the time yet.
Weisenburger told him that if anyone has questions about a cleanup letter they receive, they should bring their questions to the commission. He noted, however, that vehicles that are parked in alleyways or in sight must have current licenses/tabs.
“We’re just looking at getting rid of the things that are going to create homes for things to nest,” clarified commissioner Patti Were. “It’s just making (the city) more appealing.”



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