June 16, 2011

Pedaler finds refuge in Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Finding a nice day to be out and about in the area has been a challenge. But no challenge close to the one that bike pedaler James Rienstra has as he is on a pedal bike trip from Minnesota to Alaska. Rienstra passed through Underwood at the end of May and got a taste of the hospitality Underwood has to offer while caught by the weather for three days in town. Rienstra, a BMX professional from Zimmerman, Minn., decided to take a road trip on bike this summer to raise funds for cancer research. He is pushed on by the memories of his time in Alaska that he had with his dad before he died from the effects of pancreatic cancer. His father died just six months after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59. Rienstra decided he would travel to Alaska by bike to raise funds for cancer research and come to some closure in Alaska, where he had such great memories with his dad years ago. His ride is themed “Pedaling for Pennies” and he is asking for donations of any kind for his 3,000 mile journey. All of the proceeds he receives go to the Randy Shaver Cancer Research fund.



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