July 2, 2013

Pickar creates paradise

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

Connie Pickar just loves to be outside; and with the outdoor oasis she has created in her yard in Underwood, no one would blame her.  In fact, folks would probably love to join her to just sit and enjoy a lazy summer day. On many sunny summer days, Connie can often be seen outside her home on Lincoln Avenue enjoying a morning cup of coffee on her picturesque flower-adorned porch, or taking a well-earned break with a cool drink, sitting in the shade of her trees that is surrounded by her deck. She’s had the porch for years, always decorating with lush hanging flowering baskets, this year using cascading delicate flowers of bridal veil and million bells.  The deck is new, and she loves it. Aside from it having the “curb appeal” she was hoping for, it provides a terrific place to host friends and family when she and her husband, Ross, are entertaining. Having the deck also provides another purpose, that of saving her lawn. She works hard at keeping her lawn looking healthy and lush, and she hates how the lawn looks after entertaining when the lawn chairs are picked up, and the grass is all pock-marked and flattened. Having a relaxing, inviting deck that will hold plenty of chairs will take care of that problem.



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