July 23, 2015

Pipeline project slows due to ‘snafu’

By Suzanne Werre

Having taken care of the Westridge Estates zoning issue, commissioners continued with several other items on Monday’s agenda, including one more Westridge Estates issue – that of approving paying the taxes on a property that had previously been purchased by Everett Higginbotham, so the city may acquire the deed and resell the property to an interested buyer.

Commissioners agreed it makes sense to just go ahead and pay the taxes now (rather than wait three years until the county takes the property), because there is already an interested buyer who would like to start building soon.

Commissioners approved pursuing having the city re-acquire the property and the deed so it can be sold to the prospective buyer.

It was reiterated that the prospective buyer will need to have his building plans approved by representatives of Westridge Estates and building inspector Tom Schaff before it is brought to the commission for approval.

Moore Engineering’s Dave Wicke updated commissioners on the floodwater project, noting that Weisz and Sons has a "snafu" with a job in Bismarck, so that’s where their crew is right now. Work has stopped in Underwood while they deal with the snafu in Bismarck, he said.

"They’re not going to be laying pipe for a couple weeks," he added.



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