June 4, 2014

Police arrest naked intruder at area farm

By Suzanne Werre

Farmers often don’t lock their doors–there’s never been a need to. They’ve always felt pretty safe living out in the country--until now.

At least two farmers in the Coleharbor/Underwood area will now be locking the doors on their houses after a man broke into one home, and stole a vehicle from another this past Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

According to McLean County Detective Sam Lincoln, the 37-year-old man had been staying with a friend in Coleharbor following his recent release from jail in Burleigh County. He had recently been arrested in Bismarck and charged with possession of methamphetamine and had bonded out of jail Friday.

According to Lincoln, the man left the Coleharbor residence on foot sometime during the night and made his way to the Allan and Diane Eslinger home, just south of Coleharbor, where he took a 1999 Ford pickup out of their garage. He then drove the pickup to the nearby farm of Paul Anderson, where he entered the home just before 6 a.m. Anderson was awakened by noise in the home. When he saw it was an intruder, he exited the house through a patio door, went to Eslingers and called the sheriff’s department.



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