January 3, 2018

Positive end to a positive year

BHG News
The Turtle Lake-Mercer School Board Activity Committee Meeting reported on discussions at the Sports Co-op meeting held in November. A purchase of a shed for the baseball field, possible hire of at least one football coach and an activity handbook were discussed.
The audit report was presented and approved as well as a motion to approve a boys basketball assistant coach work agreement for Shane Sagert for $2,600.
A motion to approve the budget revisions for Title I Reallocated Funds was approved.
Josh Ruffo presented a donation of $310 from Enerplus Resource Company as a matching donation to the FFA Labor Auction.  Board President Richard Britton thanked Ruffo and Enerplus for supporting school programs.
 Sagert reported that there were 17 girls basketball players and the team stood at 4-2 for the new season.
Boys basketball has 23 players on the team with a standing of 1-0.



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