December 21, 2011

Potential buyer for housing visits Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

David Cuttler, the owner of the Elkridge Apartments in Underwood, recently spoke with Underwood Civic Club members  and two city commissioners regarding his interest in the purchase of more temporary housing in town. Cuttler is from Nevada and told the group that he worked out of Bismarck for a time starting in 1996.  A few years ago, Cuttler bought some properties in Minot that he said has been going very well for him. This year he also bought the Elkridge Apartments and he is considering expanding his ownership. Those for sale include the Western Apartments and Lincoln Motel. Members of the civic club had the concern that  a new buyer might raise the rent fees  in response to the increase in need for housing. Some of the housing is income-based so significant raises could cause problems for those living there, they thought. Cuttler wanted it to be known from the start that that was not his intention. In his Minot apartments he has not increased the rates. He would not here either, except when a new renter was coming in, the rent may be adjusted as the market dictates, he said.

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