July 11, 2018

Precision Precast makes dollars and ‘sense’

By Suzanne Werre
“The sky’s the limit – you can do pretty much anything with it.”    
That’s how Underwood’s Cindy Shively describes the premier product created at the city’s new business, Precision Precast.
Right now, the most common use for the precast concrete is skirting around mobile homes, which replaces the outdated aluminum, tin and vinyl skirting that have commonly been used, she said, but there are a lot more uses on the horizon.
The precision forms, which are poured and stamped at the shop located on the old “83 loop”  in northeast Underwood, are insulated, and they’re strong, says Shively.
“It’s weatherproof, it’s lawnmower-proof, and it’s weed whacker-proof,” she said. “It’s a very strong product, and if it’s installed correctly it can outlast anything. It’s totally weatherproof, inside and out.”
The exterior face is smooth stamped concrete, which makes the product very attractive, and on the inside is rebar for strength and Styrofoam for insulation.

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