May 23, 2018

Principal adding AD duties

By Suzanne Werre
The Turtle Lake-Mercer School Board made some staffing decisions at Monday’s regular meeting, adding a new coaching position to the list of open positions, and still finding some teaching positions difficult to fill.
The board is still looking for a music teacher and a VoAg teacher, noted Principal Sheila Schlafmann.
Three potential music teachers have been interviewed, with two of them declining the position because they wanted to be in larger schools, and the third is thus far undecided.
The VoAg teacher position is proving equally hard to fill as there are few VoAg teachers in the state.
The board was informed there is a possible candidate who will not be available until the spring semester. They briefly discussed hiring a part-time teacher, but noted that option is not ideal because there is a lot of time demanded of a VoAg teacher, and having just a part-time teacher in the position would leave holes in the class day that would need to be filled by someone else.
“I would rather have that than nobody,” commented Supt. Shane Sagert, to which the board members agreed.



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