April 3, 2013

Principal contract change approved

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Underwood School Board is already getting some practice in the teacher negotiation year by approving a change to the elementary principal’s contract. The board approved a raise from $61,000 to $65,000. That increase was based on regional contracts. Because of elementary principal Barb Robinson’s significant years on the job, she’s now in the No. 2 spot for pay in her category. Personnel board member Mike Heger said the group recommended raising based on regional comparisons rather than based on a percentage increase. Heger and board member Jim LeRoy did not want to set a percentage precedent going into negotiations. Heger said the increase may not be as large as some because Robinson is near the top of the salary schedule. He noted that the increase was “in recognition of continued very good performance.” One request of Robinson’s was to increase time off from four to six days. The board also approved of those two additional non-paid days off.

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