February 11, 2010

Property owners eligible for discount

By Cheryl Odden, BHG News Service

What’s the best way to save five percent on your money? For property owners in McLean County, the answer just may be to pay real estate taxes in full by Feb. 16. While the normal cut-off date is Feb. 15, there is no mail service on the 15th due to observance of Presidents’ Day. Therefore, according to County Auditor Les Korgel, residents have an extra day to mail their taxes and receive the discount. During the Feb. 2 McLean County Commission meeting, Korgel noted that tax payments (paid in full) and postmarked on or before Feb. 16 will be eligible for the discount. In other tax issues, Korgel presented a report from the McLean County Sheriff’s Department concerning 2009 mobile home tax collections. Of 13 cases that had been turned over for collection, nine have been paid. Another has been paid in part and has a small remaining balance. Another was sold and removed from the tax roll. Taxes on two mobile homes were canceled due to non-occupancy. Korgel also provided a report on 21 delinquent taxpayers who each owe more than $4,000. According to the report, the total due from the 21 delinquencies is $281,465.94. The largest amount due is nearly $93,375.



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