December 3, 2009

Property will be offered to cities

By Cheryl Odden, BHG News Service

It didn’t take long to determine high bids on tax-delinquent property that was on the auction block last month for unpaid taxes. When it came time to open bids on Nov. 17, none had been submitted. During the Nov. 23 McLean County Commission meeting, commissioners voted that the properties should be offered to the cities where they are located for $1 each. Prior to the meeting, the City of Underwood made an offer to purchase a tax-forfeited property in that city for $1. Commissioners approved the request. Three of the properties are exempt since the owners made arrangements to pay taxes that are owed. In another property matter, commissioners accepted a $500 bid from Arnold and Kathie Sorenson, Max, for three lots in that city. As is typical during county commission meetings, county roads were a topic of discussion. Those who live in the Wolf Creek area can look forward to the "Wolf Creek Road" becoming a county-maintained roadway. Commissioners approved a proposal to incorporate the road into the county road system. In another county road matter, commissioners adopted a policy that will require oil companies to purchase a $500 permit each time a rig is moved in the county. According to commissioners, the fee will help maintain roads that are being damaged by oil-related traffic.

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