April 20, 2016

Putting on the aprons

By Suzanne Werre

The city commissioners tried to iron out who will be paying for what when curbs are removed and new ones put in, as they finalize plans for the upcoming street repair project with representatives of Toman Engineering.

Marc Isaaks and Ron Manchester of Toman Engineering were present to update the commission on the continuing progress of the upcoming street project, discussing the plans to have the sewer on Roosevelt and part of Summit Street be scoped before work is done to see if additional sewer work needs to be done while the streets are being repaired.

The estimate was $4,500 for televising the sewers on Roosevelt and part of Summit Street from The Drain Man, which is about half of what Rotorooter would charge for the same lineal footage, according to the estimates they submitted, said Manchester.

Clarifying the plans for the street project, property owners with drop curbs with grass that are not currently used as driveways will not be forced to add curbs.

Cutting pre-existing curb out so an apron may be added will be assessed to the homeowner, as will adding a simple apron where there is currently a driveway.

Turning a former gravel driveway into a curb and gutter, that will no longer be used for a driveway, will be assessed through the city.

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