May 6, 2015

Quilting -- sew far-reaching

By Suzanne Werre

A lot of people take for granted that when they feel a chill, they can just reach over next to them and grab a quilt to cozy up with.

The quilters from rural Hazen’s Trinity Lutheran Church and Underwood’s Augustana Lutheran Church realize how fortunate they are – that they have plenty of warm blankets for the cold North Dakota nights.

But a lot of the ladies feel it’s sort a calling to help others who aren’t so fortunate, so they get together throughout the winter months to make quilts that they send off to others. The fact that they get to visit with each other and have a good time while they’re at it – well, that’s just a bonus.

Margie Miller, 86, a member of the Trinity Quilters, says she has been quilting for over 60 years.

Linda Ash of Underwood’s Augustana WELCA quilting group, says she’s been quilting "as long as she’s been married," which is 46 years.

Ruth McKelvey, of the Augustana group, is practically a "newbie." She figures she’s been quilting for only about 20 years.

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