June 26, 2013

Radio-controlled mayhem at Midsummer Classic

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Jonathan Baskins may be the biggest car collector in Underwood but he’s also one of the smallest car collectors in Underwood. He is able to store the dozen or so cars and trucks that he loves to drive in one stall of his garage. Monday night he was swapping out softer tires on his rock crawling jeep. He needed to tighten the cambers and tie rods on his race car, and new wings had just been shipped to his home for his plane. This is a normal day for a radio control car collector. “It’s just like the real deal,” Baskins said in comparing the makeup of the 1/10 scale cars to real cars. He builds them from the ground up including the chassis, suspension, transmission, engine and frame. “Anything your heart desires you can make it – it’s amazing,” he added. He even has cars that can drive on water. His walls are lined with tires for each change in ground texture. He has drawers full of engines and rows of batteries charged for a chance to power one of his many radio controlled cars.



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