April 12, 2017

Redux of business alliance in the works

By Suzanne Werre
As members of the Underwood Civic Club made plans for several activities this year, Underwood’s economic development director, Wendy Spencer, informed them that the area economic development group is looking at bringing back the business alliance that used to be in Underwood.
What she hopes to do, said Spencer, is bring the business owners together to talk about what affects them locally, and maybe have some training opportunities at the monthly meetings.
The business alliance would be focused on the businesses and economic development – it would not be events oriented, said Spencer.
“There needs to be another avenue to bring business people together,” said Spencer. “It would be truly to benefit local business owners – really focusing on that business activity.
“I feel like there are a lot of issues that we need to be connecting on,” she added.
The new business directory published by the EDC will be available in the Xtra the week of April 22, noted Spencer. It will also include a “save-the-date” reminder of the civic club’s activities on the back side of the business directory.

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