May 21, 2009

Relay For Life spreads hope

By Don Winter

Cancer-one simple word that strikes fear into the strongest of hearts. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. We all know someone who has been touched by this disease, be it a battle for them or in support of a loved one. The initial war on cancer was declared back in the Nixon administration. Even though our technology has become more advanced, and our treatments better, statistically our overall battle with the disease has not improved much in this period of time. However, no matter how we look at statistics, numbers tend to be cold and impersonal. When it comes to battling an opponent like cancer, emotion is the key to success. And it’s emotion that drives people to participate in Relay For Life. What is Relay For Life? The definition as taken from the National Cancer Society website is Relay For Life is a life-changing event that brings together more than 3.5 million people to: - Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. -The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight. -Remember loved ones lost to the disease. -At Relay, people who have walked alongside people battling cancer can grieve and find healing. -Fight Back. -We Relay because we have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put an end to the disease.

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