July 15, 2010

Remembering Ingersoll School 125 years later

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It would have been easy enough to forget about the old Ingersoll School north of Washburn and let all the memories die with it. But those who can remember far enough back to have seen and heard the great memories that were formed at the old building know that to forget the building would be forgetting an important part of the area’s history. The Ingersoll-Veeder Cemetery group put together a program on July 11 to celebrate the school being named to the National Register of Historic Places and to reminisce on 125 years of memories made in the old school house and many others like it in the area. Members of the Washburn American Legion Post 12 and the Turtle Lake American Legion Post 133 presented the Colors at the start of the ceremony along with Gerald Nordquist and Douglas Hanson presenting a 38 Star Flag. Having the school placed on the National Register was of great importance to those who could remember using the school when it was still in use as a school and community center. Those like Gerald Nordquist, who welcomed the crowd of about 150 people to the program. His grandfather donated the land for the site of the school. It was built in 1885 and stopped serving as a school in the early 1900s because several other schoolhouses were built in the area.

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