July 28, 2011

Request heard for commercial property

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Pat Kranz home was recently bought by Zac Hedstrom and Terry Stevahn of Building Innovations and big plans are in the works. The home could become a place for vendors to showcase home interior design and fixtures if the city commission allows the property to be zoned for commercial. The home on the corner of Summit Street and Lincoln Avenue is surrounded by residential homes and city commissioners reasoned that those home owners would not want a commercial property next door that could create parking concerns on the street. In addition to being a place to view vendor items city auditor Diane Schell explained that the owners would have offices and sleeping rooms in the building. “If he’s putting offices in there, I would say no, because it is a residential area,” commissioner Jay Snyder said. Commissioners wanted to hear more of the plan before making any final decision.



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