February 3, 2016

Resource officer position back on board’s radar

By Suzanne Werre

The plans for the new addition to the Underwood School changed a bit recently, as members of the buildings and grounds committee and the builders pared down the building plans to make sure the budget sticks if not to under $2 million, right around $2 million.

"We were able to get back to really close to two million," said Underwood Supt. Brandt Dick. "I think we’re back on the right track with where we want to be."

A second entrance to the addition was removed from the plans to cut costs, so there will be just one main entrance into the addition.

"That was the biggest thing that we did," said Supt. Dick.

The board will be opening bids in early February, and Supt. Dick is hopeful the bids will fall in line with their estimates as the number of building projects has slowed in the area and construction companies are looking for work.

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