July 16, 2014

Restaurants upping their games

By Suzanne Werre

"Where do you want to eat tonight? The Rail or the Grille," are common questions heard throughout area households these days as Underwood’s Rusted Rail and Underwood Grille and Lounge both work to find their own niches in the often competitive world of small-town restaurants.

When the Grille opened two years ago, it was almost a necessity, says Susan Cottingham, former manager of the restaurant/lounge and member of the group that owns the restaurant, Underwood Commercial Properties, Inc.

T-Bones had just burned down, and the town needed a café, said Cottingham. The UCPI quickly got to work, and had the restaurant up and running in just a few months, giving folks a place in town where they have a full menu of items to choose from, and they could relax with a cocktail to boot, or maybe even just go to the lounge and have a couple more cocktails.

Four months ago, the Rusted Rail opened up along US Highway 83, giving people another option for lunch or dinner and a drink or two.

Since then, both restaurants have continued to make changes to their menus and what they’re offering to their customers in attempt to co-exist and complement one another.



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