August 19, 2010

Returning to Underwood brings back good memories

By Michael Johnson, Editor

For Elaine Preisinger Faulk of Fort Worth, Texas, Underwood has changed a lot since she graduated from there in 1948. But the memories with her old classmates hadn’t changed a bit. She met up with three of her dear friends over pancakes at the Ministerial Association’s free breakfast on Saturday, and as the maple syrup flowed so did the talk of days gone by. Betty Yager Decker is from the class of 1947 and is still the older girl who has more experience, just like when she was a senior and they were juniors. Marilyn Hunstad Campbell was right there, too, along with Kay Madl Strothman of Bismarck, who just celebrated her 60th anniversary with her husband. But back in the day, she was the one with the car, driving the gals all over town and even over to Washburn for a dance. Back then, Underwood was just getting indoor plumbing, the "school bus" was still pulled by a horse, and the snow and hills were deeper and bigger than anything around these parts today.

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