October 17, 2012

Riverdale Ambulance Auxiliary seeks volunteers

By Karen Czaplewski, Submitted

Carol and Bob Ash have a vision about how the community can help the Riverdale Ambulance, and they want to share it with others.  Ashs are hoping to form a Riverdale Ambulance Auxiliary as a support group for the ambulance service. “When this community comes together to do something, we can get it done,” Bob Ash said. “Things just don’t happen; it takes somebody to get the ball rolling. More than just a couple are needed to make ideas come to fruition.” The  Ashes hope that they can create  enough interest to save the Riverdale Ambulance Service by attracting adequate EMTs, paramedics, drivers, and other volunteers to support this critical community organization. Carol Ash said the vision of an auxiliary is to provide adequate manpower and financial support that is sustainable for years to come. “We can do this in many different ways,” she continued, “with activities that will recruit volunteers to be part of the squad, fund-raising, assisting with promotional activities, and other ideas that haven’t yet been thought of are all part of the goal.”

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