September 24, 2013

Row crops look good, harvest will be extended

While the harvest of pinto beans has begun in the area, it’s expected to extend through the month of October depending on the time farmers were able to get to the fields. Most of the small grains in the area have been harvested.
    The wet spring is to blame for much of the expected extension to harvest.
    The quality of beans looks good for the area according to Rick Harpestad, president of SRS Commodities in Underwood and Mayville.
    "Yields are average to above average," Harpestad said. "Last year was the super year."
    Last year’s yields were about 2,000 lbs an acre. This year ranges from 1,400 to 2,000 lbs per acre. Some of the lower yields can be attributed to white mold setting in with the cool wet mornings, Harpestad said.



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