January 29, 2014

Rusted Rail ready to roll

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

Long-time friends Brandon Sem and Landen Lauf took a slice out of history when naming their new restaurant along U.S. Highway 83 at Underwood. The former college roommates, now business partners and restauranteurs, decided on the Rusted Rail as the name for the restaurant after researching Underwood’s history.

The restaurant was almost called Lando’s and Brando’s, they noted, but they vetoed that. Then they did a little research.

"We kind of looked into the history of Underwood, and it was founded by the railroad," said Sem, so they went with Rusted Rail as an homage to Underwood’s history.

The restaurant will have a rustic, laid back look to it, but the excitement and energy of a sports bar. There will also be a patio for the summertime.

Folks will be able to mosey up to the bar right as they walk in the door, if they like, or they may want to take a seat in the restaurant seating area. Televisions will be located throughout the restaurant, and there will also be a gaming area. And while the atmosphere of the restaurant/sports bar should be appealing all by itself, it’s the good food and the fun times that Sem and Lauf are hoping will bring the people back.

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