April 3, 2013

Safety first, big bucks second

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A quick survey of a few of the 22 youth and adults taking hunter safety classes in Underwood revealed that most have a goal in mind when they complete the class and earn their hunter safety certificate. “I hope I can shoot a deer,” said Taysha Snyder. “Shoot a deer,” was Libby Heger’s hope. “My goal is to learn how to get a clean shot on an animal,” was Ben Heger’s plan. Libby said she was here because her brother Ben was coming and she wanted to learn right along side him.While Libby was not completely sure if she was ready to take down a big buck in the open prairie, she was sure that the most important thing to learn was safety. “I learned you don’t point at something you don’t want to shoot,” Taysha said. That’s just one of many key points that Underwood hunter safety instructors like Rick Olson and Doyle Johannes were hoping kids understood.



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