November 29, 2017

Saturday is big holi-day

There will be animals roaming the streets of Underwood this Saturday.
Well, not quite roaming the streets, but there will be animals at the American Bank Center parking lot as the Northern Expressions Arts Council presents its inaugural Live Nativity scene this Saturday starting at 5 p.m.
The group has been rounding up volunteers to participate in the nativity scene as some of the NEAC participate in the live nativity, while a couple blocks to the west,  others gather ‘round the community Christmas tree at Lincoln and Third St. to sing carols, drink some hot cocoa and watch the tree lighting.
The lights for the tree are courtesy of Great River Energy, and the lights were put up by Coal Creek Construction.
“The Northern Expressions Arts Council is excited about expanding our local holiday season tradition,” commented NEAC President Mark Wood, “We were hoping to find some way of accenting our traditional programs, and with the loss of our city Christmas tree (a few years ago), we decided that would be a good place to focus.
“The arts council is hoping the live nativity brings a new layer of holiday remembrance to our community,” he added.



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