April 30, 2009

School awaiting stimulus and Impact Aid monies

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Underwood School continues the waiting game in regard to the federal stimulus fund and Impact Aid applications. Superintendent Dale Ekstrom hasn’t had any definite word on either program. "By this time last year, we had received about $30,000 in Federal Impact Aid," said Ekstrom. "So far this year, we haven’t received any funds under this program." Ekstrom called the office in Washington, D. C. to find out the status of the application but was told that due to the change in administration, the federal stimulus funds, Impact Aid appropriations, and retirement of staff have all led to a delay in allocation of funds. The indication was that the monies should be in the school’s bank account within the next month. However, since the total federal allocation changes and the school’s share changes, there is no way to anticipate the amount that the school will receive. "We have budgeted $20,000," said Ekstrom, "but, I am hoping with the increased federal support for education, we will get closer to $30,000 this year."

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