October 12, 2011

School board could be downsizing

By Michael Johnson, Editor

For the time being, the Underwood School board appointed a new board member, Kelli Ruff, who will fill the seat of exiting board member Tania Eichhorst. After filling the position, board members discussed the possibility of lowering from seven to five members. Ruff was appointed into the position effective Oct. 16. She will fill the position until the June election and then she has the option to run again. Board members agreed that it had come time to lower from seven to five members because it was difficult to fill seven spots. The only concern from administration was the board members’ ability to cover the portfolios, such as buildings and grounds, curriculum and policy and staff, effectively. “The time has probably come as it’s increasingly hard to find people to step into these positions,” director Brad Landenberger said.



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