April 28, 2011

School buying some new wheels

By Michael Johnson, Editor

With the school year drawing down and the general fund balance in good shape, the Underwood School looks to make some new purchases to replace old equipment. At their last regular meeting April 20, the board looked at buying a bus, van and skid steer – all unbudgeted items. The bus would be a replacement for the old activity bus that had a long list of necessary repairs over the last year. The board looked at spending about $100,000 for the bus. The van would replace the 2003 van that is used regularly for school purposes and driver’s education. The vehicle has about 152,000 miles and the board considered spending about $25,000 for a replacement that could also be used for driver’s education. The skid steer was something that the board started talking about in early winter because of the extreme snowfalls. The machine would allow them to keep up with the abundance of snow. The board looked to spend about $35,000.



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