August 22, 2012

School enrollments mixed

By Stu Merry, BHG News Service

Some are up, some are down. With classes underway at area schools, enrollment trends seem to swing like a pendulum. The biggest gainer is Garrison where enrollments in grades preschool through 12 showed an increase of 33 students from a year ago. Max is also seeing an influx of students, increasing 20 from last year. Enrollment at Underwood also saw an increase, jumping 13. Washburn rose by about nine. On the opposite end is Lewis & Clark North Shore where enrollment figures are down. County school officials are quick to point out that enrollment numbers fluctuate from year to year as exiting classes may vary in size from incoming classes. Case in point – Garrison has 43 preschool students, while only 17 seniors graduated in May – a difference of 26. Classes began Tuesday at Max. School officials said 214 students are enrolled in grades preschool through 12 with 12 entering preschool. This spring, six seniors graduated from MHS.

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