October 1, 2015

School meets AYP mark

By Suzanne Werre

After just one year of missing the mark of reaching Adequate Yearly Progress as assessed by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, the Underwood Public School is back on the list of those meeting the K-12 AYP benchmark of 100 percent based on students’ achievement in reading and math on the state’s annual assessments, as well as students’ attendance rates in high school and middle schools, and high school graduation rates.

Underwood School Elementary and Secondary Principal Lee Weisgarber says that while the school will celebrate the achievement, he doesn’t need an AYP report to tell him the quality of the school’s education.

"As long as they’re showing progress and they’re learning, that’s the important thing," said Weisgarber.

Things have changed since the AYP guidelines started, in association with No Child Left Behind, noted Weisgarber. Underwood was one of the few schools that met the required Adequate Yearly Progress requirement every year, up until this year 100 percent proficiency in math and science was required by every student.

Weisgarber felt that requirement was unrealistic.

"I don’t expect all students to be advanced in every area," said Weisgarber.

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