November 13, 2008

Second downtown revitalization meeting scheduled

By Julie Arbach

If you had a blank check and ability to change things, how would you envision Underwood’s downtown? The question was posed to representatives of Underwood’s Area Economic Development Corporation, Underwood Commercial Properties, Underwood City Commission, civic club, visioning task force and Horizons Steering Committee at an Oct. 23 meeting. The revitalization meeting was called by Becky Bowen, Community and Economic Development Specialist. Bowen presented a power point presentation outlining the key players and suggested roles in the downtown revitalization process. Reports were given at that first meeting from the various entities and assignments given to each group to be completed by Nov. 18, when a second meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Underwood City Hall. "The purpose of the first meeting and all future meetings is to develop and sustain a community-wide effort at re-energizing Underwood," said Bowen.



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