February 15, 2017

Senior English goes Medieval

By Suzanne werre
It’s not everyone that appreciates the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, but the students in the Underwood Senior English class taught by Shelly Hoff would probably say that while it might not be their particular cup of tea for a leisurely afternoon of reading – they do appreciate it.
The students recently presented a medieval festival to the junior high and high school students in Underwood, wearing costumes from that time period, showing off hand-made weapons, serving up typical foods of the era, and even presenting a version of To Tell The Truth, with poet Geoffrey Chaucer as guest.
It was a lot of fun, and they actually learned something and are retaining that knowledge, agreed several of the students.
“We learned what life was like back in that time period,” said senior Darin Eichhorst.
Doing the hands-on work of making costumes, manufacturing the weapons, and serving the food of that time was a lot more interesting than just reading about them, added Cole Tishmack.
Hoff was thrilled to see how much the students enjoyed the project, and how they really worked on it.



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