May 5, 2016

Senior presents showcase

By Suzanne Werre

Thursday night was a night for the Underwood high school and junior high musicians to display their talents at the spring concert.

The musicians and vocalists weren’t the only ones who got to show off their talents, as senior Shayla Sorenson presented her Art III senior project as people entered the concert area.

The project was titled, "To Copy or To Steal, Perspective and Limitation."

She displayed several different styles of art including a "localized perspective," a three-piece drawing of a panda that were placed strategically so when one stood on a particular mark made on the floor, the pieces of the artwork aligned to make one picture.

While that piece artwork may sound difficult, the painting she did of a tree was actually more difficult, said Shayla, who plans to attend Bismarck State College this fall, with hopes of eventually becoming an architect.

The palm tree was painted using her right, non-dominant, hand, pointed out Shayla.



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