February 24, 2016

Servers learning liquor laws

By Suzanne Werre

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department and the First District Health Unit out of Minot are teaming up to make bartenders more aware of the importance of their jobs, of being able to tell when a customer has had enough, and when someone is too young to be a legitimate customer, as well as a host of other issues associated with serving alcohol.

One training session has already been held in Underwood, and two more are scheduled – the first one is this coming Sunday at the McLean County Law Enforcement Center in Washburn, and the next one is March 23 at the Garrison Cenex Community Meeting Room.

The server training sessions provide a terrific bridge between law enforcement and servers, says Margie Zietz, a veteran of the Minot Police Department, and instructor of the course.

To date, she has trained about 270 law enforcement officers and servers in the area, giving them tips on how to spot a fake ID, how to gently encourage customers to leave their place of business at closing time, and how to gently refuse service if they deem the customer has already had enough, or too much to drink.

By taking the course, the servers become certified, and their employer

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