May 6, 2010

Signs could help showcase Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Other than a highway sign pointing out Underwood along the highway or a duck crossing the road, drivers have little reason to stop as they pass by at 70 miles per hour. A group of Underwood residents and community and economic development specialist Becky Bowen met during a stone soup meeting last week to put together a plan of action to help make Underwood a more noticeable city and hopefully boost the economy at the same time. Bowen brought forth the idea of a large cabinet-style sign with the Underwood Energized logo as well as a smaller sign possibly stating some of the things the city has to offer including food, services and lodging. Everyone agreed that it would be ideal to have three signs, two that show drivers they are approaching the city and which way to turn as well as one that could include many of the city’s businesses. They also said illuminated signs would be the best option.

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