January 5, 2017

Snow angels keep locals moving

By Suzanne Werre
Kids love to make snow angels.
Adults love to see snow angels.
They’re not the same thing.
Kids’ snow angels involve kids lying down in the snow, moving their arms and legs so they leave an angel imprint.
The snow angels that adults in the area love to see are often indiscernible, as they’re often enveloped by a cloud of snow from their snow blower or plow. They’re the “angels” who have been spending hours helping clean out their friends, neighbors and even strangers’ driveways and streets after the recent snow storms.
Most often, they aren’t even asked, noted the residents who answered the call to give a “shout out” to their snow angel. The angels just show up and get busy working. Sometimes they’ll give a little wave if they notice they’ve been caught doing a good deed, but then they’ll just go on to the next place.
Bob Hovdenes is one of those snow angels, earning his wings in part by helping neighbor Twila Helmer keep her driveway passable.
“Bob has helped me out so much with removing the snow as my husband is out of town working,” said Twilia. “Bob is just a great neighbor. When I have something happen, he is always here to help out.”



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