February 9, 2017

So nobody goes hungry

By Suzanne Werre
There’s a reason Underwood’s Merton Hailey is so involved with the Community Cupboard, the local food pantry.
He knows what it’s like to be hungry.
Not starving, by any means, but the 63-year-old retiree recalls going to bed when he was a kid wishing there was more to eat.
He remembers how some times were pretty lean around the kitchen table in the late 50s after the garage where his dad worked burned down, and several months later he and his family lost their house in Washburn to a fire.
“The house was completely gutted and everything was lost,” recalled Hailey. “Dad had just gotten insurance on the house before the fire.”
But he hadn’t had it for the required 90 days, so they got no insurance money to help them get back on their feet.

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