November 16, 2011

Sold: City sells lots to Minot refugees

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Residents and soon-to-be residents are grabbing up property in town for a chance at prime ground for cheap. The minimum amount for a city-owned lot is $1,000 and that was a good deal for several families from Minot looking to escape the flood plain. Byron Luithle visited with commissioners Nov. 7 to discuss his plans for lots 10, 11 and 12 in Block 1 of the Repnow Addition. He bid $1,250 for each of the lots and commissioners approved the sale under the stipulation that progress must be made to put a residence on the property within one year. Luithle said that he planned to place a modular home on the property with no basement. He wanted three lots in case his son wanted to build on one of the lots, too. Mayor Rick Olson said that in the past people bought property and sat on them without building. That was not what he wanted to see again. Luithle said he had attempted to buy two different lots in Minot but both fell through.



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