April 29, 2010

Spring water to be pumped away from Westridge

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Water from spring melt has caused a bit of a problem in the past but Underwood City commissioners are looking into flushing the problem away. "We only have trouble in the spring of the year," city maintenance supervisor Jerry Radke said. In the first meeting that commissioners talked about the water issue, there was concern that the water was keeping prospective homebuyers from driving over to see homes. The problem seems to be that the pond that the water should drain to is actually higher than the roadway, according to Radke. Water can only drain away when the water level in the pond lowers. City engineer Dave Thomas brought forth several options for commissions to look over including piping water away in several different directions and sending it towards a natural drainage. While all options would seem to solve the problem, the second option seemed to be the best fit in the eyes of the commissioners.

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