September 19, 2012

SRS Commodities fills need for farmers

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The harvest of pinto beans in the area is underway and locals don’t have to go far, thanks to a new business, SRS Commodities. The business purchased the bean plant portion of the operation at the former Falkirk Farmers Elevator. The sale went through on Friday and bins were nearly full by that time, according to SRS Commodities’ general manager Rick Harpestad. Farmers started harvesting and the  business was eager to make sure those beans could be stored properly. “We are receiving pintos and black beans,” Harpestad said. Harpestad said that the company had dealings in the area before and was looking for an opportunity to get back here to take in some of the nicest looking pinto beans in the market. “This is a great pinto bean area – pinto beans do real well here,” Harpestad said. “White bright pinto beans.” While beans along the Red River Valley have a darker exterior, the beans out west  are much whiter and great for packaging for consumer use.



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