July 24, 2013

St. John’s erects 10 commandments

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

When Underwood’s St. John’s Lutheran Church decided to put up a new lighted sign outside the church, the members had to decide what to do with the wide-open spot on the property that would be left when the old sign was removed. The members came up with a replacement they truly feel is a statement of what the church is about. The church recently erected two stone tablets depicting the Ten Commandments. While many places, particularly government entities, are taking down their religious monuments, St. John’s took this opportunity to share its beliefs with the world by erecting the Ten Commandments right on the front lawn. “It’s almost forbidden to be in public, but this is on church land, so we can proudly display them,” said Dean Hartley, pastor at St. John’s Lutheran. Craig Pankow, the modern-day Moses who made the trip down to Kansas to pick up the two Kansas limestone tablets, wholeheartedly agrees.  And he thinks once the display is finished, complete with lights to illuminate the tablets at night, it will be absolutely stunning.



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